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FAQ: Frequently asked questions

How do I copy all app data and settings to my new phone?
See "Backup and restore" above

Do you have an iPhone or Web enabled version of this app?
No. The app is Android only. Additional platforms are not planned. It's way too late to start working on an iPhone version after all these years.

Does the app support mileage, expenses or tips?
See the "Value fields" page above

How can I add the same entries to multiple days at once?
See "Batch operations" above

Can I make the app punch automatically based on GPS?
Yes. See here.

Can I use NFC tags for punching?
Yes, use NFC Automation.

Can I synchronise my data over multiple devices?
See "Multi device dync" above.

What's the difference between "Time Recording Pro" and "Time Recording Free with Pro upgrade"?
See here

Do you have plans for cloud providers other than Google Drive or Dropbox? For example ownCloud, Nextcloud, Webdav?
Your provider might support the "Android Storage Access Framework". See this page.

My hourly rate has changed. How do I put this into the app without changing past entries?
Use "historic values". Sample see here.

Can I use the same task with different clients? How do I assign a client to a work unit?
The app is based on a strict hierarchy "Work unit → Task → Client". You cannot assign a client directly to a work unit, or use the same task with different clients.
Consider using the "Value fields" if you want to use the same task with different clients, if you have many short-lived tasks, or if for any other reason you end up with too many tasks. Use case: define one of the fields as "Project ID" so you can put in free text ids, or define the field as "list of values" if it has just a few valid ids.

How do I track my holidays and hours above regular work?
See these pages:
How to enter holidays
Worktime overview
Balance tracker

Can the app track paid overtime?
See "Paid overtime"

How can I switch between AM/PM, 24 hours and decimal time?
See "Date, Time"
→ Hint: "Military time" is the same as "24 hours"
→ Hint: "Decimal" shows minutes of the hour on a "per 100" base (e.g. 08:30 regular time = 08.50 decimal time)

Wrong week numbers, e.g. W00
See "Date, Time"

How can I add a check-out at midnight?
See here

Can we use Time Recording in our team?
Partially. See here.

Delete old data
• There's no "archive" option or similar. Use report E2 to pull all data before batch deletion.
• For batch deletion see this page.

Does the app have an API?
See "Public Services".

The app integrates as plugin in the Google Play Store app Tasker.

How can I track 2 jobs?
• Option 1: set up two tasks within the app and assign your time accordingly.
This allows you to have a grand total overview and is maybe easier to use than option 2, as everything is in one place. However, you will hit app restrictions if you want to set job specific global settings (sample: the app cannot have different "target time" per job).
• Option 2: install "Free" and "Pro" in parallel, and use one app per job. Note that "Pro" is a paid app.
This way you have a clean separation of data and settings, as the two apps run independent of each other.

Can I track more than one person with this app?
Partially; see "Multiple instances".

Can I track work in parallel, or have overlapping entries?
No. This is not supported, and likely never will.

Flextime and running monthly delta is reset on Jan/01 every year.
The hours balance of "Flextime" and "Running monthly delta" is only kept within the same calendar year; it resets and starts with zero on 1st of January.
→ Use the respective edit screen to manually set the starting balance as of Jan/01; see the "target time" help screens above.

Deduct paid out overtime, manually reduce the "Delta" balance
• If you're using the "Target time per day" feature, then the "Flextime" add-on can be used to manually correct your hours balance (that is, you can put in plus or minus hours, which are then applied to the running "Delta" total).
• Alternatively, the Holiday balance feature can be set up as hours balance tracker.

How can I change my Google Drive login?
See "Change Google Drive account"

I have further questions
See the "Contact" page.

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