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Time Recording is one of the most downloaded and highest rated time sheet apps in Play Store. Simple to use but very powerful, with many extra features and customization options.

Note there isn't a manual as such for this app. Below you'll find a list of frequently asked questions.

Caution: We strongly recommend you enable "Auto Backup to Google Drive" or "Auto Backup to Dropbox" - if your phone gets lost or fatally crashes you'll also lose all the app's data unless you have an "offline" backup available (i.e. a data backup which is not stored on that phone). See Menu/Preferences, Section "Backup&Restore". Set "Auto backup every x days" to a reasonable value. Backup file size is small so setting "1" is fine unless you're on a very limited data plan.

How do I copy all app data and settings to my new phone?
Use "Create Backup / Upload to Google Drive" on the old phone and "Restore / Restore from Google Drive" on the new phone. See Menu / Preferences, section "Backup & Restore". This page has more details.

Do you have an iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry or Web enabled version of this app?
No. The app is Android only. Additional platforms are not planned.

How can I change the predefined settings in the app?
(a) See "Menu / Preferences". Note that «Preferences» has four pages, click the tabs at the top.
(b) Whenever there's a "Tools" icon in the top right corner of a dialog window, tap it to change that screen's configuration.

How do I add entries to past days?
(1) Click the «Day» button at the bottom left. 
(2) Click the "Arrow left" button at the bottom. Each click scrolls back one day.
(3) Open "Menu" and pick the according function
For advanced usage also see the «Copy days» function under "Menu / More" on the main screen

How can I change existing entries?
• Click the time cell to open the time picker
 Or use «Menu/Edit»
• Or do a «long click» on the time cell. This will show extra options, see the "Online help" on that screen. Use this for things like splitting or deleting work units.

What is "Delta"?
• The "Delta" column indicates time above or below «target time». Target time is configured on Preferences page 3, on either daily, weekly or monthly base. 
Sample: if your daily target is set to 8 hours, delta will show "-2" at 6 hours total work time and "+1" at 9 hours total work time. Also see KB009 below.

What else is bound to "long click"?
• Long click on Day/Week/Month button opens the «Reports» page for that date range
• Long click on task lets you edit the given task or create a new one
• Long click on the yellow notes box or the work units' «Notepad» icon shows notes related functions

Can I track multiple jobs?
Yes. Create separate "Tasks" for that and assign your hours accordingly.
To create your own tasks, go to «Edit tasks» on Preferences page 3, or click the "Edit" icon in the top right corner of the «Switch task» screen.
Note you can assign individual hourly rates to each task - scroll the «Edit tasks» screen to the right.
Also see the knowledge base entry "KB011: Edit tasks"

Can I put in free text notes?
Yes. The app supports to types of free text notes:
• Day notes, i.e. the yellow box at the bottom.
• Work unit notes. Tap the small "Notepad" icon, available on each work unit line between «Total» and «Task»

How do I track holidays and public holidays?

How do I track my overtime based on the "Delta" and "Target time"?
See Knowledge Base KB009Reporting overtime hours (cumulated "Delta") over multiple months

Can I export reports?
Yes. Click "Menu / Reports". By default, the reports are sent out as email with HTML attachment. The app also supports Excel (XLS) output format and direct upload to Google Drive or Dropbox instead of emailing - see "Menu / Settings" on that "Reports" page

Does the app support Mileage, Expenses or Tips?
As per version 5.10, the app has two extra numeric fields ("Value1" and "Value2") available on each work unit. Use these to put in your extra items. Note this is a very simple and somewhat limited approach - if you need more sophisticated ways of tracking your extras try with different dedicated apps (expense trackers or similar).
 These fields are off by default, see Menu / Preferences / Page 2, section "Input fields"

Can I use the same task with different clients? How do I assign a client to a work unit?
The app is based on a strict hierarchy "Work unit => Task => Client". You cannot assign a client directly to a work unit, or use the same task with different clients. 
Workaround: what you need to do is create a new task for each "Client & task name" combination (and yes, we realize that this is major restriction for some users and may lead to a huge list of tasks, but we don't expect this to change in the app any time soon).
Alternatively, if you want to track many short-living clients or tasks in the app, consider using work unit notes instead of client/task assignment - work unit notes is a free text field but can be filtered and reported on the "Reports" page similar to clients and tasks.

How can I add the same entries to multiple days at once?
See «Menu / More»
 «Comment multiple days» lets you apply a given day note to a date range.
 «Copy days» lets you copy the entries of a given day, or range of days, to a target date. Use that screen repeatedly if you want to copy the same day to multiple other days.

Why is there no "swipe" function to flip days, weeks or months?
Depending on your app setup and screen size, those screens might be wider than your display and hence optionally need a horizontal scroll area. This would clash with "swipe". 

How can I switch between AM/PM, 24 Hours and Decimal time?
See Menu / Preferences, page 4 "Date&Time"
Use "Time format" to switch between AM PM, 24 Hours and Decimal format.
 Hint: "Military time" is the same as "24 Hours"
 Hint: "Decimal" shows minutes of the hour on a "per 100" base.
Samples: 45 minutes = 75 decimal minutes, 08:30 regular time = 08.50 decimal time.

Can I change the first day of my week?
See Menu / Preferences, page 4 "Date&Time"
Change "First day of week" in the "Calendar" section if your working week starts on days other than Monday

What are the features of the «Pro» version?
• Ad free
• One way sync to Google Calendar
• Support further development of Time Recording :)
 Note migration to «Pro» is really simple - data and settings is copied over from «Free» when installing and opening the first time

Do I need to pay multiple times for «Pro»?
• «Time Recording Pro» (blue app icon in Play Store) is bought once, for lifetime. App licenses are tied to the Google Account, not to a specific device. If you want to install the app on multiple devices, or install it on a replacement device, make sure you use the same Google Account as the one you've bought the app with initially.
• Alternatively, in «Time Recording» (free version, red app icon in Play Store), you can use in-app purchase with yearly subscription to unlock "Pro" (that is, hide ads and unlock calendar sync). Advantage of this approach for existing "Time Recording Free" users: no extra app installation or data transfer required.

Can I sync my data across multiple devices?
Yes, with some tricks. See this help page.

Can I track more than one person with this app?
You can install multiple instances of the app and run them in parallel. See this help page.

Can I make the app punch automatically based on GPS or location?
Yes. Time Recording since version 7.32 supports Geofences. 
See Menu / Preferences / Page 3 "Tracking" / "Location tools".
Alternatively, and for older Time Recording versions: the app integrates as plugin into «Tasker»or «Locale», there you can define "Punch" actions based on GPS / WiFi / Cell Network state or events. Setup in Tasker is explained on this help page.

Can I use NFC tags for punching?
• Use our «NFC Automation» app. 
• Alternatively, use «Tasker», or «Trigger» as per this page.

Do you have plans for Skydrive or Box support?
No. The app only supports Google Drive and Dropbox.
However, what you can do is use the «FolderSync» app to upload all files to the Cloud of your choice - just make it sync your «/sdcard/dynamicg» folder (for devices up to Android 5.1) respectively «/sdcard/Android/data/com.dynamicg.timerecording/files» (for Android 6 devices or newer). Note that folder keeps both the app's backup files as well as the reports.

From the Knowledge Base:
• See the Knowledge Base Index page
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