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Time Recording: Usage in teams

Disclaimer: Time Recording is not well suited for usage in teams. All app data is stored locally on the individual devices, there's no simple way to keep a central list of employees or list of tasks, or pull consolidated reports over all employees.
This said, here's some noteworthy things for using Time Recording with your team or peers.

• For tracking multiple persons on a single device: try with Multi instances.

• Sharing your task list: use Tasks Export and Import.
That is, use your master device to export your list of tasks, then have every user import it. This needs to be repeated on each task list change.
Also note that through NFC Automation, tasks can be propagated (the task and client name are stored directly on the NFC tag).

• Reporting: see Reports.
- You can define header and footer free text in the settings. Use this to have your peers put in their names.
- Using "Send as email", shared Dropbox account, "External storage", or similar, you can ask your peers to send in their reports.
- If people forget to send in their reports: have them enable the "Report reminder".
- The default report filename can be changed in the settings, so that files don't get overwritten on shared storage and are more easily identifiable. That is: make users add their shortname to the filename.

• Setting up a new device with preferred data and settings:
a) Pull a backup from your master device and copy the backup file "timerec.db.gz" to a web server
b) Then, on each device, use "Restore | Web page", using the URL as per step (a). This feature is available as per Time Recording version 7.67.