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Time Recording: Paid Overtime


"Paid overtime" versus "Punch rules"
"Paid overtime" is easy to set up, but the amounts calculated lack in transparency.
That is: depending on complexity of rules, it can be difficult to understand why exactly the app calculates "amount x" in paid overtime. Also, the app doesn't give any details on "which time block is calculated with which overtime rate", making it hard to understand how exactly the grand total amounts are being calculated.
→ Consider using "Punch rules" with use case "OT tracking" for an alternative approach that provides full transparency and allows detailed reporting.

Paid overtime / Day
This tracks overtime and double time based on your daily work time.
• Overtime pay shows in the "Amount total" fields on all relevant screens (i.e. Main screen, Day/Week/Month views, Report E3)
• Setup allows different overtime rates (typically overtime and double time, and different set of rules for business days vs week end)

Paid overtime / Week
This tracks overtime and double time based on your weekly work time.
• Overtime pay shows on the "Week" and "Month" views plus on the reports, as an extra block at the bottom of the screen or report.
• Setup allows different overtime rates based on number of hours per week, each entry with a factor (e.g. 1.5x when over 40 hours, 2x when over 45 hours)

⇒ Note each of these is a separate function, independent of the others. Do not enable more than one at the same time as this will lead to double count.

Paid overtime / Day
• Caution: setting the correct "Overtime hours based on" property is crucial
(1) Set to "Total" if overtime rules should be based on work time total. Use case: "50% bonus when working more than 10 hours", with "10:00" as value for "Total >=". Overtime payment is only applied to the total amount per workday, not to each individual work unit. Thus, the sum of "amount per work unit" will not always match the total amount per day.
(2) Set to "Time" if overtime rules should be based on time of day. Use case: "50% bonus when working after 22:00, 100% when working after midnight". In contrast to (1), bonus amounts are included in the amount total per work unit.
(3) The app only allows for rules based on either (1) or (2), i.e. you cannot set up rules based on both types

• When filtering your work reports by Task you may get inconsistent "Amount totals"
Sample: you have two work units "Project A" at 7 hours and "Project B" at 5 hours, with double time after 10 hours.
I.e. total work time is 12 hours, thereof 2 hours double time
⇒ If you filter your report by "Project A" or "Project B", total work time for that day is 7 resp. 5 hours, with no double time kicking in in both cases. Thus the combined "Amount totals" of the individual reports is *NOT* the same as compared to the unfiltered 'overall' report

• Click the "Paid overtime / Day" button to enter your "rules" (i.e. when does overtime or double time kick in). The app has a pre configured plain sample with two rules (overtime at 8 hours, double time at 10 hours).
The "Factor" field sets the "n times" pay rate, e.g. 2.00 for double or 1.50 for one and a half

• Rules can be defined either for a specific day, or generic for all days (see "Day" dropdown. Day="All" denotes the generic rules).
Use this to define extra payment for week ends.
Note: once day specific rules are entred, the generic rules for that day will *not* get processed. I.e. when entering day specific rules make sure you put in all the rules for that day, even if they are partly redundant to the "generic" rules

• When calculating the amounts, tasks which are marked as "Unpaid" or which have set a "Fixed amount" are being excluded. See the "Edit task" screen, scroll there to the right.

Paid overtime / Week
• Sample setup for "50% extra over 40 hours, double over 45 hours":
- for first rule, tap "Add line" and put in "40.0" as "Total >=" and "1.50" as factor (which is equivalent to 150%)
- for second rule, tap "Add line" and put in "45.0" as "Total >=" and "2.00" as factor
- then click "Active" and "Save"

• Note for those using multiple tasks with different pay rate: the "factor" is applied against the average hourly rate for the given week. You cannot have this applied to only of a subset of entries. That is, things like "only calculate OT for hours booked to tasks T1 and T2 are not supported.