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Time Recording: Alarm notifications

Time Recording can notify you if you forget to check in or check out, reach specific time limits, and more.

Battery consumption and doze mode
Caution: Alarms are not guaranteed to go off on time, due to Android battery saving ("doze mode").
It helps if you add "Time Recording" to the list of "non battery optimized apps"; this is defined in the Android System settings, the exact steps depend on your phone model and Android version.

If you absolutely need alarms to be on time:
• either keep the phone charging while in use
• or permanently keep the phone's screen on

Keep in mind that each alarm wakes up the device, thus consuming battery power.

Alarm channel
Each alarm is bound to one of twelve different notification channels (also know as "Notification categories"). The detailed settings for each channel are defined in the Android "Notification" system settings. By default, "Sound" is on for each channel, however you can change this to Vibra, "Pop on screen", and more. See the menu top right on the alarm details edit sceeen for direct link to the according notification settings.

Sample 1: Check-in reminder at 08:15

Sample 2: Alarm 15 minutes before "daily target time" reached

Sample 3: Alarm at 20:00 if there's no checkout between 17:00 and 20:00