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Time Recording: App licenses and in-app purchases

App licenses and in-app purchases
• Purchased apps und in-app purchases are connected to your Google Account. These licenses cannot be transferred to another account.
• When changing your Google Account you need to keep your old Google Account (i.e. the one you've used for purchasing) installed on your phone or tablet, otherwise these licenses will not be valid any more.
• When switching to a new phone, or after "factory reset", make sure you use the same Google Account as before - all licenses will still be valid then, and you'll be able to install all your purchased apps from Play Store at no extra cost.

Error message <<License not valid>>
• Click the "Play Store" link to re-validate your Time Recording Pro license. You need to be online for that.
• If you have switched your Google Account recently: make sure the "old" Google Account (i.e. the one you have used to buy the app with) is added to your phone.
Also see this page: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/113410
• The "License not valid" message only kicks in after repeated license validation failures, i.e. this message will typically show a few weeks after account switch.
• Important: As of now, Google does not support transferring app licenses to another account. If you need to have the app license assigned to a new Google account then you'll need to buy the app again.
• Check your purchase history in Play Store if you're not sure which account you've purchased the app with: https://play.google.com/store/account