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Time Recording: Location tools

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Geofence notifications
• This requires the "DynamicG Geofence Plugin", available in Google Play.
• Shows a notification whenever you enter or leave a specified perimeter (based on location and radius), and optionally performs automatic check-in and/or check-out after a given delay of (n) minutes.
• Uses the standard Google Geofence API and requires "Background Location Access" permission.
• Don't rely on geofence tracking if you need exact punch times; Geofence transitions can be delayed by up to 10 minutes.
• Geofence tracking will put extra strain on your battery.
• For more information and troubleshooting see details below.

Location auto fill-in
• Use this to have the app fill in the current address into the "Notes" field when punching
• That is, on any of check-in / task switch / check-out, the app will look up the current location, then resolve the address text, then add it to the notes field.
• Select the preferred addess format by tapping "Template" on the configuration screen.

Task assignment
• Automatically assigns a task (and optionally work unit notes or day notes) whenever you check in.
• This is a light weight alternative to automatic punching via "Geofence notifications". That is, in contrast to "Geofence tracking", punching needs to occur manually with this feature.
• On the configuration screen, add one or more entries ("Add line"), set the required perimeter ("Location" and "Radius"), then pick the task that should be assigned when punching within this perimeter.
• When punching, the app reads the current location and compares it to the list of entries; the "first match" against the perimeters wins (processing entries from top to bottom). If no perimeter matches then no task is assigned.

Geofences | Details
"Geofence notifcation" lets you set up a geofence perimeter.
• This requires the "DynamicG Geofence Plugin", available in Google Play.
• "Use location" needs to be enabled in the Android system settings.
• When entering, the app will show a "Check-in" notification. This is skipped if you're already checked-in.
• When leaving while being on-clock, the app will show a "Check-out" notification.
• Radius lets you set the geofence range for entering or leaving.
• The app will use "time of geofence transition" plus "Offset in minutes setting" as actual punch time, for both check-in and check-out.
• "Confirm time" enabled will show the picker dialog before actually performing the punches.
• You can define up to 15 geofence perimeters.
• "Automatic punch" applies to all geofences. When enabled, the app will automatically punch in or out "n" minutes after the geofence notification has been displayed. Dismissing the geofence notification cancels auto punch. Note the minutes timeout can be configured (see context menu top right).

Geofences | Troubleshooting
• Do not use "Battery saver" mode
• Keep WiFi permanently on
• Increase the "radius" (e.g. set 200m instead of 50m)
• Consider adding Time Recording to the list of "not optimised" apps in "Battery optimisation" in the Android System / Battery settings; see the Android manual for your current Android version on how to do this.

Background location access
Above features “Location auto fill-in” and “Task assignment” can only execute while the app is running in the foreground.
Punching via our Wear OS companion app executes as background process and therefore cannot look up the current location.
This means: the app's “Location” features are disabled when punching via our Wear OS add-on, or via any other external punch command that runs as background service call (e.g. "Tasker check-in broadcast").

Please note this is a hard restriction without workaround, in place since Google's introduction of the "background location access" review process. See this Google page for technical details.

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