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Time Recording: Cloud integration with 3rd party apps

Thanks to the Android "Storage Access Framework", any 3rd party app that implements this API shows as storage location in the standard Android file manager and can be used for Time Recording backup, restore and report exports. The sample below shows integration using the ownCloud app.

As of August 2022, integration is confirmed to be working with these apps:
DAV X5 for WebDAV (paid app in Google Play Store, free in F-Droid Store)

Partially supported as of October 2022:
Nextcloud: Backup and restore works, auto backup fails on subsequent backup cycles ("FileNotFoundException: Failed to open document for writing timerec.db.gz"). This is a bug in the Nextcloud app and outside of our control.

Sample with ownCloud

1. Install
• Install the ownCloud app through Google Play Store.
• Open the ownCloud app and complete the setup.
• Perform a test file upload and download within the ownCloud app to make sure it is properly configured.

2. Time Recording: Backup

3. Time Recording: Restore

4. Upload reports