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Time Recording: Daily target time

Terminology and hints
• "Target time": Target time is the total worktime you want achieve, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. All three levels can be enabled in parallel, they are set and tracked independent of each other.
• "Delta": Delta is the difference between actual work time total and target time.
Sample, with daily target time set to "08:00" (which is hours and minutes)
- if actual work time is 07:30 → 'Delta' will show as '-00:30' (since you're half an hour below target time)
- if actual work time is 09:15 → 'Delta' will show as '+01:15'
• Reporting: use "Worktime overview", or report "E8 Overview".
Alarm settings can notify on daily or weekly time reached events.

Daily target time | Sample
• Default is 8 hours
• Friday is short day with 7 hours
• All hours on Saturday and Sunday count as "plus", so the target time is zero

Change target hours for a specific single day

Enable and edit "Flextime"
• Flextime allows to roll over the plus/minus "Delta" hours (that is, difference of actual worktime and target time) to next day, from 1st of year to end of year.
• Flextime does not show in the regular "Delta" fields shown in the app. It's diplayed as separate field at the bottom of the main screen and on the "Week" and "Month" screens.
• "Flextime correction" allows to put in plus/minus values on specific dates. Use this to set initial plus/minus values (e.g. on start of year, or if you start using the app mid-year), or when paying out overtime hours (note input allows negative values, e.g. "-20" for minus 20 hours)
Caution: correction needs to be put in in decimal format. Sample: 8.75 = 8 hours 45 minutes, 4.50 = 4 hours 30 minutes.
• "Text" input field on the "Flextime correction" screen is for reference only (as in, why did you put in a correction)
Report "E10 Flextime" can pull the full year view, showing both "daily delta" plus running flextime with optional correction text.
• Hint: tap the "Flextime" field to open "Flextime correction"

Keep previous values when changing the target hours

Worktime overview


What is "Show 'Target reached at'"?
• Based on your entries for the current work day and the given "daily target time", the app can calculate the "time of day when daily target is reached" and show that on the main screen.
• Note you can also have the app alert you at the given time. See the "'Daily target reached' Alarm" setting.

What is "Show 'Delta day (week to date)'" and "Show 'Delta day (month to date)'"?
• When enabled, the app will aggregate the "Delta" figure (which is based on daily target time) for the running week or month. That is, it will show the sum of "daily delta" for the given week or month. Sample: Daily delta for Mon is -1:45, Tue is +1:30, Wed is -00:15 → "Delta (week to date)" on Wed evening would show as -00:30