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Time Recording: Monthly target time

Terminology and hints
• "Target time": Target time is the total worktime you want achieve, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. All three levels can be enabled in parallel, they are set and tracked independent of each other.
• "Delta": Delta is the difference between actual work time total and target time.
Sample, with daily target time set to "08:00" (which is hours and minutes)
- if actual work time is 07:30 → 'Delta' will show as '-00:30' (since you're half an hour below target time)
- if actual work time is 09:15 → 'Delta' will show as '+01:15'
• Reporting: use "Worktime overview", or report "E8 Overview".
Alarm settings can notify on daily or weekly time reached events.

Monthly target time | Sample
• Enter target hours per month.
• All times need to be entered in "Hours.DecimalMinutes" format. Sample: put in "8.50" for 8 hours 30 minutes.
• Hint: Use "Copy" to generate a proposal.

Running delta
• "Running delta" keeps the running total over 12 months and can edit the balance.
• Sample: if you've closed January with +3 hours, having 'running delta' enabled would make February start with +3 hours.
• Rolling over is only supported within the year, i.e. from January to December. January of next year will reset and start with 'running delta' = zero. Use the "Correction" field to set a starting balance in January of next year.

Sample: main screen and "Month" view