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Time Recording: Batch mutation

1) Batch change existing data via "Search"

2) Batch insert and copy via "Menu / More"

2.1) Copy days
"Copy days" has two modes:
• Mode I: copy a single day to a target date range, optionally skipping specific days of week. Sample 1 copies Dec/03 to all days of the two weeks Dec/04 to Dec/17, but skips Sat and Sun.
• Mode II: take a given date range, and copy it to the date range starting at "start date". Sample 2 takes all days of the two weeks Jul/04 to Jul/17 and copies them to the date range starting on Dec/03

2.2) Day notes batch creation
Similar to "copy", add day notes to a given date rage, skipping specific days of week

3) Delete old data and clean up tasks
See this page

4) Recovery after bogus data entry
See "Local backup"

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