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Time Recording: GDPR | EU and UK user consent policy

User consent
Beginning 16 January 2024, Google requires all partners to gather user consent when showing advertisement. This information has been announced in below blog post (#1), the actual enforcement date has later been finalised and communicated via other channels.
The "Time Recording" app is affected by this, as we're exclusively using the Google AdMob (#2) Android SDK to show ads.

Can users opt out and *not* consent?
No, this is not supported. You'll keep seeing the prompt until you consent.

Internet connectivity required for showing and confirming the consent form
When tapping "Consent" without internet connectivity, you'll get an error message ("Error making request" or similar).

Why is there a "Pro Upgrade" option?
"Pro Upgrade" disables advertisement in "Time Recording". If you don't want to see advertisement, or if you don't want to consent to the terms in the given consent form, then "Pro Upgrade" is the only way to continue using the "Time Recording" app.
Note: there are two options for going ad-free ("Pro Upgrade in Free" and "Pro Version"), more info see here.

Show the consent form again
After initial approval the consent form can be changed via "Data administration".
Caution: this form is provided by Google, previous settings are NOT retained.

Personalised versus non-personalised ads
• You can reset your advertising ID in the Android System Settings at any time, this erases all ads tracking data. See the "Time Recording: Data safety" help page.
• Time Recording supports consent to non-personalised ads starting with app version 7.80 as per the following screenshots.
• At the same time, these are the minimum required consent options. Not matching these will show the warning popup again after consent.

→ Please note: the list of vendors is NOT sorted alphabetically, and you CANNOT search; this form is provided by Google ("User Messaging Platform" Android SDK), and quite frankly its usability is terrible :(
→ Also note: this form is reverted to initial state whenever you open it again; this is functionality provided by Google and beyond our control.
→ These screenshots are as of February 03, 2024. Google can change the content of these forms at any time.

• #1 Google Ads Blog
• #2 Google AdMob
New Google consent management requirements for serving ads in the EEA and UK (for publishers)

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