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Time Recording: "Free" version versus "Pro" version

Time Recording Free
• Red app icon.
• Shows advertisement and has the "Calendar Sync" feature locked.
• The "Pro upgrade" in-app-purchase is a subscription with yearly fee, it removes the ads and unlocks the "Calendar Sync" feature for 12 months.
• If you cancel or don't renew the subscription, then the app will eventually start showing ads again.
• Available in Google Play Store

Time Recording Pro
• Blue app icon.
• No advertisement, the "Calendar Sync" feature is available.
• "Buy once" via Google Play; after purchase the app gets automatically installed.
• The app license is bound for lifetime to that Google account which has bought the app; note the license cannot be transferred to another Google account, but the app can be installed without paying again via Google Play on all other devices with the same Google account (i.e. no install limit).
• In case of license error messages see this page.
• If you have the "Free" version installed on your device, then the first start of "Pro" lets you import all data and settings from "Free".
• Google Play shows a "In-app purchases" warning for the "Pro" version, this is due to the voluntary "Donation" feature. That is: you don't need to pay for any extra app features, the only cost is the initial purchase.
• Available in Google Play Store

Final remarks
• As per above, "Free with Pro upgrade" is identical to "Pro", just with a different fee model. Both provide the exact same functionality.
• Cloud backups (Google Drive and Dropbox) are stored individually per version.
• New app versions normally roll out to "Pro" users first, then later to "Free" users; therefore you might find intermittent minor differences between the two versions. For more info see the Changelog.

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