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Time Recording: Changelog

• Time Recording requires Android 8 or newer
• Current version on Beta Channel: 7.83 rollout incrementally starts June/12 2024 with Pro, Free to follow later.

7.83, July 2024
- "Theme" setting: "Black" and "White" theme variants.
- Users on Android 11 or newer with custom "legacy" font size settings are migrated to the "modern" font size settings; the app shows an info icon in the main menu if applicable.
- Multi Device Sync: main screen shows "sync master date".
- Balance tracker: "Data import query" can optionally group imported data by week/month/year and day notes.
- Transparent widgets: custom background color, requires Android 12 or newer.

7.82, May 2024
- "Show break duration": detail options and "Show current break" added.
- GDPR consent popup: clarified that user consent expires after 13 months and that the consent form shows again after that (apparently this is as per EU regulation).
- "Switch task" screen auto-performs if only one active task in list.
- "Month quick view": options "show punch time" and "fullscreen mode".
- "Enforce minimum break duration" can now optionally perform "switch task", instead of extending the break duration. This lets you book early check-in time (i.e. between "check in now" and "minimum break duration") to a dedicated task.
- Previously, alarm A3 has only fired on first break in configured time window; now it can optionally fire on every break in time window.
- "Automatic breaks": "ignore if tasks" option, i.e. auto break insertion is skipped if given workday only has work units assigned to the configured tasks ("negative list").
- "Swipe down to refresh" on main screen, needs minimum Android 10.
- Matrix reports E5 and E7: "group by date" added.
- Report E9: new option "Total rounding" if the app's total rounding options are enabled with "Round aggregated totals on day level"

7.81, February 2024
- Tasks batch update, see the "Tasks" section on Preferences, page 3.
- Task filter screen: multi task selection improvements.
- Monochrome app icon (for Pixel users with "Themed icons").
- Report E2/E3: "Grouped subtotal" now shows the "number of days with this task" in the "Day" column (this can be turned off via detail settings).
- Report E9: fields "Dynamic matrix" and "Total %" added.
- Report E9: If the report is only grouped by task and no date, then the task list driver can be changed (i.e. "tasks with entries, all active tasks, all inactive tasks").
- Android default "Autofill" turned off for all text input fields on all screens.
- Daily target time editor: Sat/Sun now default to "zero" when the global target time is enabled.
- Android 14 "predictive back gesture" enabled.
- Main app shortcut creation enabled for all builds (was only available to "Multi instance" users before), see Preferences / Data administration.
- "Geo lookup" changes for Android 14 devices (rolled out with previous release) are now enabled for all Android versions (i.e. "foreground service" has been replaced with "activity-based thread").
- Punch rules: "Configuration test runner" added.
- Show "background location access" warn message when punching via Wear OS smartwatch and "location auto fill" is enabled.
- "Month" view can hide the weekly "Total" and "Delta" subtotals via config screen.
- With second Beta:
-- "Font size" setting improved.
-- "Holiday balance": add sorting and visibility toggle to "tracker labels" edit dialog.
- With 7.81.1:
-- Bugfix: a few screens show transparent background in version 7.81.0

7.80, November 2023
- Compilation level set to Android 14 (targetSdk 34); these two technical changes apply to devices running Android 14, users should not notice any app behaviour differences:
-- Background jobs (like "auto backup" or "multi-device sync auto upload") execute via WorkManager instead of deprecated JobScheduler.
-- "Location lookup" for the features "Location auto fill-in" and "Task assignment" migrated from "foreground service" to "activity-based thread".
- Reports: Task filter "no task" added (tap "Filter", then tap the label "Task")
- GDPR user consent in the Free version: the app now supports consent to non-personalised ads (see our GDPR help page), but in all practicality this is somewhat useless (as the GDPR form provided by Google makes it nearly impossible to select the corrent NPA settings). See this page for an interesting technical recap: Android AdMob consent with UMP.

7.76, October 2023
- Task detail edit screen improvements.
- Task background color picker: additional view "compact mode" added.
- Geofence punch events now apply "move time" punch rules.
- On devices with minimum Android 13, fullscreen dialog dismissal no longer shows the 350 milliseconds "Please wait" timeout (this was active since Android 10 due to platform bugs).
- Balance tracker: "Take over last year's balance" implemented, this shows as alert icon every year in January and February.
- "Missing checkout" warning icon in the main menu. This applies to newly created entries after app update and shows for the past seven days. Also see the new help page "Missing checkout".
- "Multi device sync" bugfix: "auto download on app start" did not work correctly since version 7.75.
- GDPR consent form bugfix: showing the consent form has failed silently with version 7.75 if no internet connectivity was available.

7.75, September 2023
- This release only rolls out to FREE, as the main feature (GDPR) is not relevant for PRO.
- GDPR: User consent form for EU and UK users, as per this Google AdMob page.
- "Show GDPR consent form again" added to "Data administration", see our GDPR help page.
- "Calendar lookup" on the notes editor can optionally show future days, see dialog menu top right.

7.74, August 2023
- Danish translation.
- Backup reminder: optionally show "External storage" and "Email" as backup target.
- Further changes to "Default email recipient" disclaimer introduced with V7.73
- Bugfix: on the "Month" view, time totals are now shown again with blue text color if the given day has missing timestamps; this was removed by mistake a few versions ago.
- Changed app default values for new users: "First day of week" is assigned as per the device's calendar (was always "Monday" before), "Time stops at ‘x’ if last checkout missing" is set to 22:00 / 10:00pm.

7.73, July 2023
- Finnish translation.
- Report E3: field "# Units".
- "Overview: Week | Average" report added to menu of "worktime overview"
- "Data safety" disclaimer added to the "Default email recipient" reports setting (our Free version got a policy violation alert because this was missing)
- Tasker plugin action: GET_INFO_BROADCAST.
- Data restore and tasks import: "https only" hint added to "webpage import" screen.
- Additional help pages: "Rounding options" and "Enforce minimum break duration"

7.72, June 2023
- Template texts: edit screen has "move up/down", "filter" and "import" options, selection screen shows context menu on long press of entry.
- "Dial pad" time picker: the "long press" option is now guarded by a separate toggle (see top right menu / "more" on that screen).
- "Translation Kit" added to menu of "Language" selection screen.
- XLSX generator has moved to a new plugin app

7.71, May 2023
- PDF reports: new settings "Horizontal page overflow" and "Left side page margin width".
- Report settings: header/footer settings moved to stand-alone page.
- Main preferences: added "Search", layout cleanup of first tab.
- Tasks edit overview pages: "Print view" added.
- "Individual daily target time" edit screen: "details report" added to the menu.
- Custom date picker can be set as default view (tap "..." on the date picker, then open the menu top right).
- Translations: full update of Croatian, reverted Spanish.
- Removed the "Primary backup reminder" (which has shown as popup on app start); "secondary backup reminder" stays in place (this shows as toolbar warning icon).
- "Value fields" with type "text" can now enable "Multiline" on the "Column configuration" settings screen.
- Reports: "Time filter" with additional filter field "Delta Day".
- Wear Smartwatch settings: configurable short labels.
- App update check every 3 months (using Google Play Services com.google.android.play:app-update).

7.70, April 2023
- Consolidated and cleaned up all app texts. Some terms may be different compared to the previous app version, but the app functionality remains unchanged.
- Updated Spanish, Portuguese and French translation texts as per this page. In all other supported languages we've added the missing (i.e. english only) texts.
- Android 13 "Per-app language preferences" support.
- Punch shortcuts: support "Day notes".
- Default task: added option "Most recent task".
- "Material You time picker" updated to latest Google library version; added additional timepicker type for "keyboard" mode.
- App maintenance: all PNG icons converted to SVG.
- Moved the settings "'Punch now' time rounding" and "Total rounding" to dedicated preferences dialogs.
- "'Punch now' time rounding" now has a rounding mode for "Switch task", this replaces the previously used "Also apply on 'switch task'" checkbox.

7.67, February 2023
- Reports: "Client" filter with multi selection (default hidden)
- Report reminder: support all filters (i.e. same filter panel as the "reports" page)
- Report E9: optional field "Delta Week"
- Options "Restore | Web address" and "Task import | Web address" added
- "Online help" menu item moved from "More" screen to main menu; it's removable via "menu items" config screen
- Text editor: "Toolbar" menu option
- MultiInstance shortcut creation: fix "missing app label", add checkbox "use as app title"
- "Confirm time" option with widget or notification "Switch task"

7.66, December 2022
- Punch rules: "first task" and "first checkin time window" filter.
- Geofences: option "ignore in time window".
- Day/Week/Month: added navigation path option "Dismiss all on close".
- "One time local backup" before batch operations.
- Error notifications: make stack trace text selectable, add "copy to clipboard".
- ownCloud plugin decom, see ownCloud plugin replacement

7.65.2, November 2022
- Report columns detail settings: menu items "reset settings", "copy settings" (if multiple report instances).
- Report E3: field "rest time".
- "Quarter summary" display option on month target edit.
- Balance tracker: year validation on data input, context menu cleanup, "add line" on main screen.
- Month quick view: "Delta M" in header summary, month selection when clicking header.

7.65.1, October 2022
- Tasks: hourly rate supports historic values
- Report reminder: single entry context menu cleanup, add "execute"
- Task selection: ignore "customer filter" if preselected tasks don't match
- Report E2: more "sort" options
- Punch rules: "Check in" rules now also apply on "initial switch task"

7.64, July 2022
- Android 13 compatibility with "Notification" permission support and "Schedule exact alarm" warning prompt.
- Stamp values: new field "factor" with option "add to amount".
- Paid overtime: exclude specific tasks from calculation.
- Worktime overview: optional column "Worktime average"
- Text editor suggestions (using template texts)
- Template text selection screen: quick search added

7.63, May 2022
- New report "E12 Day notes"
- Report E9: option "Calculate day totals within group" (sample: "Number of days" show "Count of days in period" by default, "Count of days within group and period" when new option is ticked).
- Day notes: hide "notes icon" when text present, click on text opens editor (was only on icon before).
- Search dialog: "Day notes batch update" can create day notes based on work unit search hits.
- Task selection screen: "fullscreen" option.
- "Multi device sync dowload" also imports all settings (was only "all data" before).
- For new users: "Create new entries" hint added to "Day" view.

7.62, March 2022
- Excel reports: XLSX support
- Alarm settings: "repeat" option
- Multi device sync: "high-priority upload" option for "upload after every change"
- "Daily target time" configuration screen consolidated.
- Punch shortcuts: fixed inconsistent sorting of shortcuts list.
- Report "E10 Flextime": options "show correction only" and "show total".
- Decom notice for old plugins ("DynamicG ownCloud Plugin", "DynamicG Wear Plugin")
- Monthly target fix: include empty months in delta calculation if "running delta" enabled and upcoming months have entries

7.61, January 2022
- Android 12 compatibility (targetSdk 31)
- Tasks: time budget and alarm notification settings (settings, page 3)
- Auto breaks: "validation" option
- Copy days: optionally show work unit / day notes selection
- Report reminder: support "last workday" with monthy / quarterly alarm
- Multi Device Sync: "Auto download on system boot" removed
- Tasker action "Show task selection" changed to high prio notification (Android 10 does not allow activity start from background)
- Material You time picker

7.60, November 2021
- "Force task deletion" can optionally delete all assigned work units.
- Stamp value fields: "Decimal places" option added to data type "Number (decimal)"
- PunchShortcuts: optionally apply "'Punch now' rounding" rules.
- Reset of "Do not show again" shows the individual toggles.
- PublicServices: added confirmation prompt on first access of private data (e.g. "EXPORT_TASKS").
- "Select language" refactored to get around Android 12 issues.
- Minimum required Android version is now Android 8 (minSdk 26), was Android 7 before.
- Date range lookup: added "shift left/right" toggle.
- Report E3: optional "Time block" fields moved to dedicated section on config screen.
- Punch rules: added condition "weekly worktime total" (in addition to existing "daily worktime total" and "punch time")

7.56, August 2021
- Day view: support "Undo".
- Reports E2, E3: "Show these days" option extended with "Always show all days".
- Auto breaks: allow "break end = checkout", added "Test configuration" option.
- Task summary on Day/Week/Month view: added "Print view" to settings menu
- Use modern time picker for "time of day" settings if at least Android 10 and portrait mode.

7.55, June 2021
- "Task summary" on Day/Week/Month view (checkbox in menu)
- Additional settings for "workday <> validity date": +1 indicator, toggle to prevent adding such timestamps.
- Widget: "Week worktime total" added
- Punch shortcuts: add worktime filter
- "Task extra" fields: default label setting
- Weekly OT: add option "Skip 'Fixed amount' tasks"
- Report reminders: homescreen shortcut for the "edit" dialog
- Legacy alarms removed, old alarms are migrated to the new alarm settings.

7.54, April 2021
- Punch Shortcuts can also fill in the "Value" extra fields, see the "More" overflow section on right hand side of the "Punch Shortcut Editor" (this was rolled out with previous version 7.53 but not announced in the changelog)
- 4x1 and 4x2 Widget: replaced the legacy widget icons with new high res icons, use the same layout as the default 4xn widget.
- Free version: "Pro Upgrade" with yearly subscription for removing ads and unlocking calendar sync, based on Goole Play In-App-Billing
- Alarm B1 ("Daily worktime exceeds nn:nn"): "skip if >= X breaks" option added
- Legacy alarm decom warning added: Legacy alarms will be removed with upcoming release. "Legacy alarms" are those alarms configured in the app before version 7.41. The new "unified Alarm Manager" has been added with version 7.41, see Preferences page 3 at the top. Why are we doing this: there is a huge amount of outdated and duplicated code tied to the old alarms, all of this can be cleaned up after removal.
- Task auto fill-in / Address auto fill-in: optionally write into one of the "Value" fields, instead of work unit notes
- Stamp value field editor: inline history lookup
- "Punch shortcuts" displayed on "Template" screen (was only shown in "long click on Check-in/Check-out" before)

7.53, January 2021
- "Quick view" displayed when tapping the main screen date header
- "Target time until" textfield on main screen: added popup menu with "checkout" action
- Background actions no longer try to look up location for "geo location auto fill" (this was running into error messages in v7.52)
- Pro version: added donation option with in-app-billing (shown if Pro install date is more than 3 years ago)
- Report charts: "Share" option added to menu
- "Delete all work units" opened from context menu can now optionally delete the day notes
- Improved "undo" handling for day notes

7.52, December 2020
- Multi Device Sync in "Multi Master" mode: new option "Auto download on system boot", optionally show "Pending changes" warn dialog on download
- Report reminder: use default task selection screen for "task filter" to so that customers can be selected
- Reports: "task extras of filtered tasks" added to filename resolver variables
- Widget option: "Show values when no entries".
- Show summary figures on main screen when no stamps are present

7.51, November 2020
- PDF reports: Roboto font added and set as default font
- Location tools: Task assignment
- Reports: "External storage" now has option "Always choose"; this is for cloud providers that don't support folders (ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE).
- XLS reports: configurable spreadsheet name
- Target time calculation now applies the enhanced rounding options ("Total rounding / Use for calculations / Apply to day")
- Worktime average: new option "ignore time total = zero"

7.50, October 2020
- Android 11 compatibility (targetSdk 30)
- Upgrade to latest PDF library, added custom PDF font selection (try this if printouts are missing accented or special characters)
- "Known locations" in location auto fill in (see "Location tools" in preferences)
- Day notes: quick copy within week added to long click menu
- Reports E4/E6: custom sort extended with field "check-in"
- TemporalValueEditDialog: validate overlapping dates
- Report reminders: task filter added with 2nd beta version

7.44, July 2020
- Report E3: grouped subtotal (same as E2 with previous release)
- Report E3: "time block" fields extended with dedicated "time in" and "time out" fields
- New alarm type A4 "Planned break over"
- Text editor: caps option "characters"
- Roll over at midnight: added "auto" option
- Roll over at midnight: apply on task switch via widget (was only done on "punch via widget" before)
- Widget punch option: open work unit notes editor
- Time total format: added "decimal with precision 1"
- Work unit notes editor opened from widget: added "show different work unit" menu icon
- Punch shortcuts: added variables for "first checkin time", "current checkin time", "previous checkout time"
- Optionally show day notes as separate line on "Week" view
- "Average" calculation options (click the "Average" label on "Month" view)

7.43, May 2020
- Tasks: added fields "Extra 3" and "Extra 4"
- Reports: "Send/share file" delivery option added
- Report E2: "subtotal grouped by" option added
- Auto breaks: "ascending rule evaluation" added
- Alarm notification C2: task filter added
- Tasker plugin: "day notes" input
- Bugfix: "Running monthly delta" isn't updated if entries are present but the total worktime for this month is zero (i.e. 0.0)
- All "SD Card" labels changed to "External storage", since we use the Storage Access Framework on all TimeRec 7.4x installs.
- Maintenance: all android.text.format.Time references changed to to GregorianCalendar

7.42, Feb 2020
- "Holiday balance" added to main menu
- Stamp values: fields ValueC and ValueD added, data types "list of values" and "checkbox" (boolean 0/1) added, option "add to amount" added
- SearchDialog supports inline edit, same as "Week" and "Month" view
- SearchDialog: batch operations added to menu
- Worktime overview changed to fullscreen, added "Column configuration" menu item and optional field "number of work units"
- "Enforce minimum break time" changed from single setting to multi line config screen (with "time from/to" and break duration)
- Alarm C3: optional task filter
- Print view on Day/Week/Month/Search/Worktime overview: XLS option added (in addition to HTML and PDF)
- Main menu item "Info" removed, relevant info screens added to "Menu / More" (section "Info")
- Main menu item "Edit stamps" moved to page "Menu / More" (section "Edit | Work units").
- Beta2: "has text, has no text" filter added to the stamp value field report filters
- Beta2: boolean stamp value fields can configure the on/off UI symbols

7.41, Dec 2019
- Consolidated alarm settings with new alarm types, see preferences/page 3
- "Holiday mode" added to turn off all reminders and geofence tracking (just below the new alarm settings)
- Dark/light theme: "automatically" and "manually" option
- "Task color adjustment" for those who switch between dark and light theme.
- New main screen display options "Show 'Total W'", "Show 'Total RepPeriod'"
- Android 7.x devices upgraded to Storage Access Framework for all SD Card operations (similar to Android 8+). This is so we can remove a lot of legacy code and keep supporting Android 7.
- "Soft input adjust mode" on all dialogs, title bar and buttons footer are always shown when keyboard opens.
- "Whats new" popup changed to title bar info icon
- Added Croatian (values-hr)
- Patch "Switch to next work day" reverting to current day
- More patches for the Android 10 "dismiss fullscreen dialog" bug
- Set Android 10 "hasFragileUserData" in manifest
- TextEditor: undo/redo always displayed, changed to undoWord/redoWord
- Removed legacy code and refactored "selected app language"

7.40, Oct 2019
- Increase minimum required Android version to 7.0 (Nougat). Older devices remain on TimeRec 7.36
- Added "Punch shortcuts" (through long click on "Check in now" or "Check out now")
- Reports: added delivery option "External storage" (i.e. using the Storage Access Framework) for devices with Android 8 or newer.
- Increased android target version to SDK level 29. Geofences now need ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION permssion on Android 10 devices.
- New setting added to daily target time tracking: "Skip if only 'No target time' tasks"
- On Android 10 devices: support dark themed "1x1 widget shortcuts"
- Added "Move break" and "Delete break" actions to the "three vertical dots" work unit context menu
- Optionally show "Check in now" on geofence notification (see menu item "Settings | More" on the geofence settings screen)
- Time shortcuts on custom time picker (see menu item "Shortcuts" on the time picker)
- Task search can optionally do a "LEFT" text search, instead of default "MID" search. See Menu/Settings on task selection screen.

7.36, May 2019
- Geofences: "Google Places Picker" (which will be removed by Google) replaced with "map with marker" activity in Utilities Plugin
- Geofences: add "retry now" and "retry later" actions to geofence error notification (e.g. when entering battery save mode)
- Android Q preparation: Android 8+ devices use "Storage Access Framework" instead of READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE; this relates to the SD Card related operations "data backup/restore", "export/import tasks", "export/import work units"
- Reports E3 and E9: fields "Task matrix" and "Client matrix" added

7.35, Feb 2019
- Report E9: max. four groupBy fields, add "sort by date only"
- Optionally show "first check-in, last check-out" on Month view
- Report delivery to Google Drive: add "overwrite" option, needs Google Drive plugin update
- Widgets and notification bar: add "current task total" option
- Add "Update work unit notes" tasker plugin action, allow whitespace in work unit text
- "Wear OS Notification" settings moved to separate dialog
- Report reminder can optionally be added as main menu item
- Fix ANRs caused by synchronized app init via service calls (e.g. widget update or calendar sync background processing)
- Fix E2 XML structure ("day" node was repeated once per work unit)
- Fix: prevent negative worktime total with autobreak misconfiguration

7.34, Nov 2018
- Report reminder plugin functionality imported, i.e. plugin is no longer required
- Reports: optional sort by task on reports E2/E4/E6
- Report E9: sorting by "selected group-by fields", field "Task sort nr" added to "group by" selection
- Reports: "show line nr" on PDF/HTML reports except matrix E5/E7
- Punch time edit on "Week" view
- Stamp values: add "base field" when "copy value of previous work unit" is enabled
- Main screen and "Day" view: keep scroll position after changing notes, stamp values and task assignment
- Auto breaks: new option "ignore 'no time summation' tasks for break start calculation"
- Pro version bugfix: reset text editor height to V7.32 state
- Free version bugfix: button panel shifts position between load and actual display of ads

7.33, Oct 2018
- "Show rest time" added (Preferences page 2)
- Punch rules: skip if we already have a finalised work unit at calculated target time
- "Delete data" added to "Copy days" menu
- Clean up some dialog header and button panel inconsistencies, dark theme dialogs with darker background
- Catch punch time update that would leak into other work units (i.e. show an optional warning dialog)
- Fix "IllegalArgumentException" sd card issue on Huawei devices when creating reports or data backups.

7.32, Oct 2018
- Location auto fill on punch (Preferences, page 3, "Location tools")
- Work units context menu on main screen and "Day" view
- Geofence autopunch: split "In" and "Out" minutes threshold into two separate options
- Switch "geo location lookup" to FusedLocationProviderClient, remove old (deprecated) implementation
- Undo/redo on text editor
- Auto confirm option on "Revert changes"
- Bugfix E9: time total vs "no summation tasks"
- Time filter on reports: add "total time >= | <"
- Pro issue: fix rare cases of "Permission Denial" in calendar color lookup
- Widget update: fix the occasional ANR by replacing "synchronized" with update call tracker
- Potential fix for EGL crash on Android 6.0 Samsung devices

7.31, Sept 2018
- Geofence notifications (Settings page 3)
- Task batch update (Menu / More)
- Calendar sync: event color setting per task
- Reports E5/E7: sorting and "total first" option
- Report E9: more "group by" options
- "US standard week" week number option
- Samsung Android 8 issue: landscape default time picker cuts off OK/Cancel buttons, now moved to right hand panel

7.30, June 2018
- Additional search options on <<Task selection>>
- "Geo Location" lookup on day notes & work unit notes moved into the main app (using runtime permissions), instead of separate plugin app
- PDF reports fix: support newlines in comment fields if "Long text" PDF report option is set to "WRAP" (which is the default setting)
- Multi Device Sync download changed to modal dialog to increase stability
- Minimum required version increased to Android 6.0, Android 5.x devices remain on Time Recording version 7.23
Other minor changes:
. Add "Print view" to menu of <<Search>> screen
. Template texts: move inline settings to menu
. Day templates selection: "long click" opens the edit screen
. <<Split work units>>: maximum increased from 6 to 12
. Android 80 fix: close keyboard when navigating to date picker
. Confirmation messages from Widget and Shortcut punches changed from "Toast" to small splash dialog to increase stability
. Calendar Sync can be unlocked through a "Reward" video ad (see <<Data Administration>> sceen)
. "Punch diagnostics" added to Tweaks dialog
. Intent.FLAG_RECEIVER_FOREGROUND on all broadcasts
Added with Beta 2:
. New input dialog for "override weekly target time", shown when clicking the "weekly delta" cell on Mainscreen, Day, Week & Month views.
- Date pin on search dialog
- Date range picker on "date lookup": added 12M & 365D presets
- Added inline punch time view to the "Month" screen (click on total time cells)
- Apply "keep screen on" setting to all pages (was only mainscreen before)
- bugfix: "running monthly delta" was not calculated when the main setting "monthly delta enabled" hasn't been ticked and saved before.
- added "$today" and "$now" to report header/footer variables

7.23, Mar 2018
- Android 8 hotfix: add "active" checkbox to time reached alarm settings that are not threshold based
- "Print view" on day/week/month/overview
- Flextime: proper rounding on "single minute" corrections
- "Sales tax" on reports: add rounding to avoid single cent offset

7.22, Feb 2018
- Android 8 compatibility, use notification categories (notification channels) for all alarms and notifications
- Android 8 adaptive launcher icon
- Detailed column setup configuration for Day, Week and Month views. Notes can now be edited directly on the Week & Month views
- Reports: Flextime added to E2, E3, E8 & E9
- Drilldown from reports (internal preview) to Day & Month
- Task import confirmation text cleanup
- Wakelock for "time reached" alarm
- Do not trigger auto backup on app start

7.21, Jan 2018
- Flextime option added to daily target time
- Android 6 and newer: Calendar Sync integrated in main app, "Calendar Sync Plugin" app no longer required
- Reports: added "Always prompt" option to output format setting
- Option "Weekly target reached at"
- Reports: added "Minutes only" format to "Worktime total" formatting options
- Reports: "Day of week" selection added to Time filter
- "Create backup" and "Restore" added as optional main menu items
- Custom field order on 4x1 & 4x2 widget
- Drilldown from "Internal preview" and "Overview dialog" date fields to to Day or Month view
- Added with Beta2: new auto backup details option "Auto backup after every change"
- Added with Beta3: task background color picker updated.

7.20, Sept 2017
- set min required version to Android 5, remove Android 4 assets
- auto backup detail settings
- optionally show inactive tasks on task selection
- check-in & check-out time on reports E4 and E6
- day/week/month button long click show reports period selection for current and previous period
- public service API for task export & import
- custom "delete entry/delete line" dialog from time picker
- fix time picker landscape mode on Android Nougat
- runningDeltaM patch for "no target time" tasks
- add MyPackageReplacedReceiver

7.14, May 2017
- Report filters: and/or conjunction, multiple values on single filter, display on/off toggle
- Text, icon and background color options for the transparent widgets (1x1, 4x1, 4x2)
- Old-style time spinner fixed on android 7 devices
- Android O time picker fix

7.13, February 2017
- Add "Break duration" to E2, E4 and E6
- Android 7 patch: show time in notifications
- Stamp generic values: trigger "sync" after changes
- Multi instances: allow Dropbox backup/restore
- Reports: fix short time format for delta minus, add "decimal" option to default time total format
- Report file name pattern: added {seq} token to force unique file names
- Monthly target time edit: "Copy from daily target" (added with Beta2)
- "Override daily target time" screen: added option to also update weekly/monthly target time (added with Beta2)

7.12, December 2016
- Android Nougat 7.1 App Shortcuts
- "Shortcuts" click action for 1x1 widget
- Action button panel on "Day" view
- "Maximize" menu option on Day, Week & Month views when in landscape mode
- Delete old data: "include day templates" option
- "Time reached" alarm falls back to default sound (or no sound at all) when custom alarm sound is enabled and "do not disturb mode" is on
- Secondary backup reminder added (for devices with Android 5 or newer)
- Prevent full screen text editor in landscape mode
- "Report name" token added to custom report file name and custom email header/body

7.11, November 2016
- Report E9 "Grouped overview"
- Optionally show break duration
- "Paid Overtime / Week" for simplified weekly overtime tracking (also shown on reports)
- "Task cleanup" for batch task inactivation and batch task 'force deletion'
- Text editor: added "Variables" menu
- Optionally write "Work Units" data snapshot on backup (table SNAPSHOT_WORK_UNIT) for those who want to pull the app's data from its SQLite database
- "Restore" supports "merge data" (in addition to current "replace data")
- "Date range lookup" shows additional range selection
- Report names editable
- Text editor: default cap changed to "Sentence"
- Widget refresh on Marshmallow and higher: repeating alarm changed from "inexact repeating" to recurring one time alarms
- Paging on "Edit tasks" overview screen
- Task selection: current task highlight changed from bg-color to "typeface bold" if grid colors enabled
- Report E3: optional field "List of clients"
- Stacked navigation on the Day, Week and Month views when drilling up or down

7.10, September 2016
- Android 7 Nougat compatibility
- Visibility toggle per report, allow more than one configuration per report
- Custom email subject and body text for reports with delivery type "Send as email"
- optionally show "Task Extra 1" and "Task Extra 2" on report "E5 Task Matrix"
- Pebble Smartwatch plugin added to plugin list
- show "Previously used" group on "Template text" selection
- preset dates selection on "date range" lookup (e.g. on 'Reports' page)
- use AdMob SMART_BANNER on landscape mode
- allow negative value on "sales tax" report setting

7.07, August 2016
- Custom column order and main menu items. See "Interface" on preferences, page 2.
- "Calendar lookup" on text editors (requires Android 6 Marshmallow)
- Optional 3 digit precision on decimal time total, "skip leading zero" on reports' time totals
- Task selection: added "Quick search"
- "Edit day" popup: changed radio buttons to check boxes for multi deletion
- Check-in reminder: "Skip alarm sound" option
- Reports: global task filter "Exclude <<Unpaid>>"
- Decimal time total on E3
- "License failure" shows incremental countdown, instead of locking the app
- Fix "switch task" when punching through widget if time rounding is enabled
- Footer height on PDF reports changed from 18px to 12px
- "Restore local backup" allows importing instead of replacing data

7.06, June 2016
- Reports: Advanced file name pattern settings
- Reports: "Always prompt for additional header and footer line"
- Reports: "Internal preview" preview format
- Total rounding: advanced options
- Template text selection: additional display options
- Report E8: added field "average daily target time"
- Task background colors: "on-clock running total" text color option

7.05, March 2016
- OwnCloud integration for backup, restore and reports
- "Search" main menu item added
- 4x1 widget horizontally resizable, added alternate layout with "work unit notes" icon
- "Day notes enabled" option on preferences page 2

7.04, February 2016
- Historical values: hourly rate, daily target time and weekly target time support storing previous values when changing, using "Valid from" / "Valid to" date
- "Delta/Month" and "Delta Day (month to date)" option added to widgets
- Tasker plugin: add "Use previous task" task selection option
- "Undo" screen shows items grouped by change sets, initially first group only displayed
- Optional "Delete entry / Delete line" on default time picker
- Use "dial pad" time picker for all duration based time settings
- Enable Android 6 "auto backup"
- Automatic breaks: "Active on these days" moved to individual entries (added with Beta 2)
- Fix app crash on Android 6 when upload of data backup is repeated with "Retry" after plugin installation (added with Beta 3 / Public release)

7.03, January 2016
- "Monthly target time" supports rolling over running delta total to new months
- Text file based export & import of punch data
- 1x1 Widget "Transparent 3" (with max. width/height)
- "Auto confirm" option on "Continue work unit"

7.02, November 2015
- Added two more "Value" fields (supporting either text or number input)
- "Show filter details in header" for PDF and XLS reports
- Bugfix: do not apply auto breaks for running total calculation if disabled on given day
- Bugfix for OnePlus2 devices (database validation error on "restore")
- Bugfix for Android M: set file provider URI and read permission (instead of plain file path) when previewing or sending reports

7.01, October 2015
- Android 6.0 Marshmallow compatibility
- Removed In-App billing in Free version (previous purchases remain valid)
- Main screen layout config
- Task label: field sort option
- Removed "Reports/Admin" preferences tab and settings

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