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Time Recording: Translation update

For those who are interested: the complete list of all app texts is available here, as Android style "strings.xml" files, with each supported language listed as "values-{iso2language}" folder. Comment line "#master_en" shows the original English text.
Contact us if you want to help with additional languages, or if you think existing texts need to be amended.

Version 7.74, August 2023
• Initial rollout of Danish, many thanks Hans Jørgen!

Version 7.73, July 2023
• Initial rollout of Finnish, many thanks Mikko!

Version 7.71, May 2023
• Full update of Croatian and Japanese
These translations has been unmaintained for a long time, and many texts have been missing, so we've done a "full translation run" and replaced all texts. Contact us if you think the outcome is not good.
• Rollback of Spanish
Apparently the texts rolled out with version 7.70 have been causing a lot of confusion.

Version 7.70, April 2023
• Full update of Spanish and Portuguese
The translation texts for these languages have been unmaintained for a long time, and many texts have been missing.
With this release, we've finally cleaned up the code base, consolidated all text strings, and updated all translation texts via a paid-for translation service.
Most terms are different compared to earlier app versions, but the app functionality remains exactly as before.
• Updated French
French also has had a lot of untranslated texts (showing as English), but the quality of translation was better compared to Spanish and Portuguese. This is why we've tried to keep the existing French texts, only replacing those translation texts that were missing or obviously wrong. As with Spanish and Portuguese, all new texts have been provided by paid-for translation service.

Contact us if you think that some translations are completely wrong, or if you think that the updated version is so bad that you want to revert to the previous version. Otherwise we hope you like it :)

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