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Time Recording: Report reminder

"Report reminder" can notify you when it's time to pull reports. Tapping such a notification will then open and auto-populate the app's "Reports" screen.
These configuration options are available:
• Alarm notification time and interval (e.g. daily or weekly).
• The report's date range that should be applied (e.g. "last month").
• Optional: report filter criteria that should be applied.
• Optional: the report that should be executed automatically.

The following example notifies you every Monday at 10:00 to pull last week's timesheet.
• "More" shows useful actions per reminder entry; use these to test both the alarm notification as well as the actual report execution.
• "More / Execute" is also very handy to re-run a report if you dimiss the actual reminder notification by mistake.

More tips:
• You can create a homescreen shortcut with direct entry to this screen.
• Individual reminder entries can be disabled. That is: the configuration stays in place, but this alarm does not go off.

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