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Time Recording: Credits

Translations, in chronological order
Also see "Translation update"
• Italian: Marco Ripamonti
• Hungarian: Ughy Balázs
• Czech: Pavel Haratický
• Polish: Grzegorz W
• Swedish: Ola Nygren
• Ukranian: Maxim Mirny, Eugene Turkulevich
• Russian: Maxim Mirny, Sergei Goidin
• Spanish: Ignacio Fernández
• Danish: Hans Jørgen Pedersen

Android App icon and and Google Play Store icons

In-app icons
https://pictogrammers.com/library/mdi/ (this used to be "materialdesignicons.com/")
https://fonts.google.com/icons by Google

• PDF: https://pdfjet.com/
• XLS: https://jexcelapi.sourceforge.net/
• XLSX: https://github.com/SUPERCILEX/poi-android
• Report graphic charts: https://github.com/PhilJay/MPAndroidChart

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