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Time Recording: Tasks with untracked time

We set up two tasks:
• "Work" tracks our regular worktime, its total is used to calculate "Delta" against the "Daily target time".
• "Dog walking" is set to ignore both "worktime total" and "daily darget time / delta" calculation.

After task creation
• The task selection screen now looks like this
• We also set "Daily target time" to 06:00

Usage of task "Work"
We add two entries at 02:45 hours and minutes each, so we're at a total of 5 hours 30 minutes, and therefore 30 minutes below target

Usage of task "Dog walking"
We add two additional work units and assign them to "Dog walking"
→ The time spent on this is ignored, i.e. both "Worktime total" and "Delta" show the same figure as in previous screenshot.

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