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Time Recording: What happens if you forget to check out

(A) The app's main screen
In this example we've worked on Saturday but forgot to check out.
This is what's shown when we open the app on Sunday evening:
• Saturday shows as "current day" main screen content, and will so until end of Sunday.
• The running total of the current day has accumulated until "now", which is more than 30 hours after last check-in.
• The "+1" indicator on the on-clock timestamp with blue text color shows that it belongs to Saturday (the "Workday") but is booked to next day (Sunday, the "Validity date"). Accordingly, the running worktime total has accumulated more than 24 hours.
• At midnight between Sunday and Monday, the app would then switch its "current day" to Monday. The Saturday's check-out remains missing, and the running counter for Saturday is reset (see next section B).

Tips and tricks:
• As shown in screenshots 2 and 3, the running clock and time counter can be forced to stop at a specific time to avoid runaway values. New users to the app since version 7.74 have value "22:00 / 10:00 PM" predefined. Note that the "Timestamp reset" behaviour is not affected by this setting and remains in place.
• Alarm B1 ("Daily worktime exceeds X") and C1 ("Missing checkout") can notify you accordingly. See "Alarm settings".
• See the "Working late" help page for more information on "workday versus validity date".

(B) Past days on the "Day" view
The main screen switches to a new workday after maximum 48 hours. If by then you haven't added the missing checkout, then the tentative timestamp in blue text color is reset.
That is:
• The check-in timestamp copies over to the (missing) check-out timestamp, giving a worktime total of "zero".
• The blue text color is kept to indicate "missing timestamp".
→ This is what the app shows when opened on Monday, using the "Day" view to navigate to Saturday (i.e. we see the same timestamps as above, but the "reset" event has applied to the missing check-out).

(C) How to fix this
Just tap the time cell and put in the actual check-out time.

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